“I love Armand’s sculptures with the shapes of musical instruments, because they sum up my two greatest passions: the visual arts and music.” In addition to her work on a number of different projects in the area of film-making, Monika Bacardi also has a passion for modern art and photography. Her life-long interest in Pop Art ranges from Andy Warhol to Robert Indiana and Roy Liechtenstein, and she is also a great admirer of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Her involvement in the area of social issues extends also to supporting the arts, through her support for and active involvement in different cultural foundations.


Monaco Project for the Arts

Monaco Project for the Arts: is a non-profit organization placed under the regards of Prince Albert II of Monaco. The MPA has two principle missions: support the University of Plastic Arts in the city of Monaco and establish partnerships and activities related to the culture of the arts in the Principality of Monaco and in other countries. 

 Association des Amis de l’Opéra de Monaco

 Association des Amis de l’Opéra de Monaco "an association begins first with a meeting of like-minded individuals striving towards the same goal. Similarly, for more than thirty years, the Amis de l'Opera were supporting the l'Opera de Monte-Carlo and participating in it's activities."

Association des Amis du Nouveau Musée National de Monaco

Prince Albert II of Monaco has expressed an interest in creating a New Museum, hoping to increase the presence of the Visual Arts in the Principality. Together, we must all, as Monegasque residents, take on this project so close to our Prince’s heart. In order to reinforce support we have created the Association des Amis du NMNM.